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Setting up name servers ISPmanager

The article below describes how to set up name servers on the ISPmanager server.

Normally, name servers (if they were not provided by your administrator) require two IP-addresses from different C-class networks (for ru./su. domains) on the same server. In practice, it is a primary server address and an alias.

Creating and customizing a domain name

Decide on your primary domain.

For example, your domain name is, and you wish to use the name servers and

Go to ISPmanager -> the Domain names module - > to add this domain and specify the A records (ns1 and ns2) that will point to specific IP-addresses and NS records.

Consider the example for


ns1 record_type_A
ns2 record_type_A

and two NS records record_type_NS record_type_NS

The NS records must be followed by the dot, so you do not need to add the primary domain to the record. For example, if is not followed by the dot, the record will be: The same for ns1 or ns2, if there are no dots there, the record will be as follows: and in the domain name.

Setting up default domain names

Open the Default domain settings form to specify the newly created servers to be used as name servers for all new domains:

Image:default domain settings.jpg

The server is ready to use.

Setting up domain registrar

You will need to provide servers with IP-addresses to your domain's registrar:

Normally, IP-addresses are specified in a separate field in the registrar's interface. Alternatively, there may be a separate filed, such as Child Namservers.

When registering BILLmanager name serves, they must be separated with "/":

Once the domain has been successfully delegated on and (it may take as long as 24-48 hours to update the DNS cache), you may use them to register and delegate new domains.

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