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Payment gateway

  • Secret word=your_secret_word (you can specify it in Account->Site management->Secret word)
  • Approved URL (this URL will be used as a redirect in case of successful payment. You can specify it in Account->Site management->Approved URL)=
https://your_domain(billing IP address)/manimg/userdata/your_page(paysuccess_en.html)
  • Global URL (this URL will receive responses from the system. You can specify it in Notifications->Settings->Global URL =
https://your_domain(billing ip address)/mancgi/2coresult)
  • Enable All Notifications (Enable All Notifications) and apply (Notifications->Settings->Enable All Notifications->Apply)

Billing side

  • Name
  • Period to delete overdue invoices
  • Minimum payment amount
  • Maximum payment amount
  • Vendor account - you can get it from the payment system. The field 2CO Account #
  • Secret word - your_secret_word (it must match the one specified in the payment gateway)
  • API URL - a client will be redirected to this URL when making a payment
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