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To add a new SSL certificate, click the "New" icon and fill out the form.

The form fields may vary depending on the certificate type:

  • Certificate type - choose an SSL certificate type:
    • Self-signed - certificate that is signed by its own creator. Note that the same form fields are used both for the Self-signed and Request certificate types.
    • Request - send a CSR to an owner of root certificate or sign by your own certificate.
    • Existing - import the certificate you already have.

Self-signed and request

Module «SSL certificates»
  • Certificate name - enter a certificate name.
  • Certificate type - select "Self-signed" or "Request".
  • Key length - select the length of the certificate key.
  • Valid until - certificate expiration date. This form is not displayed if you choose "Request" in the "Certificate type" form.
  • 2 Letter Country Code - enter the two-letter ISO code for the country where your organization is located, such as US or BE'.
  • State/province - provide the state or region where your organization is located.
  • City - enter the the city or locality where your organization is located.
  • Organization - enter the the legal name of your organization.
  • Organizational unit - enter the division of your organization handling the certificate.
  • WWW domain - select the WWW domain the certificate is generated for. When choosing "Other" the following forms will be displayed:
  • Common name - provide a name of the WWW domain, if the certificate is issued for one.
  • Alternate names - provide a list of additional names for the certificate, It can be aliases of the WWW domain you provided above, or its IP address.
  • Email - provide an email address.


Module «SSL certificates»
  • Name - SSL certificate unique name.
  • Certificate type - select "Existing".
  • Certificate key - enter the key file content.
  • Certificate - enter the contents of the certificate.
  • Password - enter the password for adding a certificate with encrypted key.
  • Certificates chain - a certificate chain is a sequence of certificates, where each certificate in the chain is signed by the subsequent certificate. Required for the third level and higher certificates.

Once you are done, you need to activate the certificate. Go to the WWW domains module and select this certificate in the WWW domain edit form.

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