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To add a new package, click the "New' icon. The program wizard will start providing step-by-step instructions for a new package creation. Follow on screen wizard to set the required parameters.
Module «Packages»
  • Project - select a project associated with the service (available only in BILLmanager Corporate).
  • Service kind - select a required service kind (e.g. software).
  • Service type - select the type of the service provided. It is used for accounting. Different types of services may have different tax rate.
  • Name - enter the name for the new product or service.

Package parameters

Depending on the service/product specified above the form may vary.

Billing parameters

Module «Packages»
  • Billing type - select a required billing cycle, i.e. how your customers will pay for services.
    • Recurrent fee - the funds will be charged from the customer's account depending on the order period.
    • Daily charges - customer will be daily charged a sum equal to the daily package cost.
    • Monthly charges - customer will be monthly charged. This billing type can be used for services that cannot be modified, for example server administration, monitoring, etc.)
    • Yearly charges - customer will be yearly charged.
    • Calendar period -
  • Setup price - provide a single time fee charged at the moment the package is set up.

Access privileges

Module «Packages»
  • Product group - select a corresponding package group. The customers can themselves edit the package included into one package group.
  • Agreement - select a corresponding agreement. The customer can order services only in case he agrees to the terms described in the Agreement.
  • Access level - select a customer group that will be allowed to use the package.
  • Priority - provide the priority to sort the packages' list.
  • Available for order - select the check box to make service be available for order.
  • Forbid clients to change packages - select the check box to prevent your clients from upgrading or downgrading their current package themselves.
  • Available for order even though there are no free servers - select the check box to allow you customers to order this package even if there are no available servers.

Additional steps

Module «Packages»
  • Create order periods - select the check box to create order periods automatically.
  • Specify the package recurrent fee - enter the amount that will be paid recurrently.
  • Create all available add-ons - select the check box to create package details automatically.

You can configure these parameters later in the View order periods and View package content modules.

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