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Once registered in Affiliate program, a partner places an affiliate link to the provider' site on his web-site. Click-through is the process of a visitor clicking on a link and going to the provider's web site.

In this module you can monitor the information on the affiliate link click-throughs and to find out date and time when the visitor came to your web-site, his IP-address, and the web-site he came from. By monitoring this information you can be sure that visitors indeed refereed from your web-site to the provider's, thus you will earn your affiliate commission.

More information about referral fee can be found in the Affiliate program commissions module.

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View click-through information

  • Date and time - date and time when a customer clicked the link to pass to your web site.
  • IP-address - the IP-address of the customer's server.
  • Web site - name of the site where the affiliate link is placed a customer has referred from.
  • Registered client - customer registered in the affiliate program.
  • Payment has been made - customer has effected the payment. This field will be shown only if a customer has already effected payments.

Filter click-through list

The affiliate link click-through statistics filter is intended for search for the information by specific parameters. To initiate searching, click the "Filter" icon and fill out the form. It is not obligatory to fill out all the fields. The search can be carried out by the period, site, registered clients or clients who made payments.

Once the filter is set, on the control panel You can see the field with filter parameters and the "Remove filter" icon. Click it to cancel the filter.

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