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An Affiliate program is a special form of cooperation between a merchant (in our case - provider) and affiliates. It can be a marketing program where affiliates place an advertiser's banner ads or links to the provider' site on their web sites. When a customer clicks the affiliate link and performs the desired action, such as becomes the provider's client, the affiliate earns a commission (referral fee) from the provider for each purchase a customer makes. An Affiliate is any web site, web master or Internet user who advertises the provider's products and services and earns a revenue according to the terms of service of the Affiliate program or agreement.

A potential customer clicks a referral link placed on a partner's web-site and refers to the provider's site. Corresponding information is tracked allowing you to find out information about that site, date and time when a customer clicked the link. See more in the Affiliate link click-through statistics module. Once a visitor has been registered in the billing system, the name of the user who referred him will be specified in the Customer management module.

To enable this module in the "Marketing" section, please, go to the Features module, select "Affiliate programs" on the list and click the "Enable"Image:p-on.png icon.

The module can be used for the affiliate programs management: you may add a new affiliate program, change its parameters and remove it, if necessary. Also, you may give discounts to the customers, registered in a particular affiliate program.

Besides, you can specify the way how provide the referral fee. You may create your own method for charging the fee or use the existing ones from the billing system.

More technical information can be found in the Customizing an affiliate program module.

Module«Affiliate programs»

Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of affiliate programs
Image:T-new.png Create affiliate program
Image:T-edit.png Edit affiliate program parameters
Image:T-delete.png Delete affiliate program
Image:T-discount.png Discounts for registered customers Image:b-corp.png
Image:T-brules.png Special rules
Image:T-download.png Advertising materials Image:b-adv.png Image:b-corp.png

View a list of affiliate programs

  • ID - affiliate program unique identifier.
  • Name - affiliate program name.
  • Bonus type - type of commissions affiliates earn for bringing new clients.
  • Project - name of the project associated with the affiliate program. Image:b-corp.png

Create affiliate program

To create a new affiliate program, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

Module«Affiliate programs»
  • Project - enter the name of the project. Image:b-corp.png
  • Name - enter the name for the affiliate program name.
  • Bonus type - select a type of commissions for the affiliates who advertises the providers' services to bring new customers.
  • Method of integration - select a desired method of integration with the provider's site to monitor the number of referees. For more information, please read Customizing an affiliate program
    • Site integration - to register affiliate click-troughs, you web site should pass the corresponding information to BILLmanager.
      • URL - enter the affiliate link that should be used for signup.
    • Based on cookie - use cookie files to track and award sales that are made through the referral link.
      • Billing URL - provide a URL to the billing as follows: You do not need to specify '/manage/billmgr'.
  • Payment method - select the payment method. It can be set in the Companies module - Payment methods.
  • Percent - enter the percentage of the total signup amount which you wish to pay to referrer as referral bonus.
  • Promo code template - enter a promo code. You may enter @ID@ to paste the partner's ID.
  • Group - select a customer group who can join the affiliate program. If they already have referrals, they won't be be paid affiliate commissions anymore.
  • Deny for group - select a customer group who won't be able to join the affiliate program.
  • Enable automatically - select the check box to enable the affiliate program for a client once he is assigned to the project selected above.
  • Enable now - select the check box to enable the newly created affiliate program for all of the users who purchase services of the project selected above.
  • Customer discount - enter the percentage of the total signup amount that you wish to pay to referrer as referral bonus for the first month. Image:b-adv.png

Edit affiliate program parameters

To edit an affiliate program, locate the program you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete affiliate program

To delete an affiliate program, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the affiliate program by clicking OK on the following form.


Q: How commissions are paid?

A: Commissions are paid out every month and are calculated based on customer's expenses.

Q: A customer ordered an annual service, and his commission was paid out for the whole year. Later, he cancelled the service and got his money back. What should we do with his commissions?

A: Referral commissions are based on expenses, that's why you may not return money if the service is cancelled, or do not recalculate commissions. Alternatively, you may recalculate them manually and return to customers.

Q: Administrator creates an affiliate program in the panel, but it is not displayed to his user.

А: The affiliate program can be set up by the administrator. The client may activate it if needed (by selecting it on the Affiliate program list and clicking ok).

Q: How promo codes are used in the affiliate program?

A: A promo code is used to associate a client with an affiliate program. The client can enter a promo code while ordering a service. Next time he orders a service, he won't have to enter the promo code. The promo code won't be applied, if the client already has services.

Q: With the affiliate program associated with a group of clients, if the affiliate is unassigned from the group, will he be able to continue using the referral discount?

A: The client will be assigned to the affiliate program and will be able to use his discount.

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