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BILLmanager is a billing system for hosting business automation. The billing system tracks all the information relevant to the billing process and allows you to access this information at any time. BILLmanager automates the maximum number of functions, such as registering new customers, ordering and processing services, generating invoices and contracts, etc. It has a built-in trouble tickets system that allows to provide 24/7 technical support to your customers.

BILLmanager single installation can support several hosting project and legal entities, providing their flexible interconnection. BILLmanager was designed with all possible kinds of hosting provider in mind, such as Shared Hosting, reselling, VPS and much more.

The billing system integrates with a great number of payment systems, control panels, domains registrars enabling to perform most operations automatically.

BILLmanager is available in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Corporate, allowing to use the billing system by both small and large businesses.

The multilevel access system allows each user to access the functions he needs. There are two types of user accounts in BILLmanager :

Administrators — employees of your company who can be assigned to different departments. You can set access limits for each administrator. For example, you can restrict access to financial reports for your technical support staff.

Customers — clients of your company who can access their accounts, order and manage services, effect payments, customize interface settings, submit trouble tickets, etc.

The BILLmanager interface is easy-to-use. It was specially designed for users who has basic knowledge in web-hosting. Each field of the form and each button has a brief hint that you can view by moving your mouse cursor over its name. You can also use our comprehensive Documentation by clicking the icon "?" on the toolbar.

BILLmanager has several interface themes. You can choose the one you like. There is a number of interface languages. Select the language for your menu, modules, messages, hints and documentation.

BILLmanager has an open API (application programming interface) enabling you to use all features of the control panel in your programs.

We are constantly enhancing our software product to make it easier to use. BILLmanager auto-update system allows our users to have the latest version of the billing panel.

We hope that you will enjoy the true worth of BILLmanager.

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