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The options are specified in the configuration file as folows:

Option OptionName
  • SqlDebug - debugging information for databases. The value of the LogLevel parameter should be above 7.
  • NoTutorial - disables video tutorials.
  • DisableAutoUpdate - disables automatic update of the control panel.
  • FirstStart - can be located in the configuration file until the administrator first logs into the control penal to start the Setup Wizard.
  • NoDomainFixAll - disables synchronization between the list of domains in the billing system and a registrar.
  • CertManualOpen - enables to setup certificates manually.
  • CertCreateTicket - creates error notification that occur while setting up certificates.
  • ShowDeletedItem - displays deleted services.
  • DefaultRootBrand - disables brand settings for partners.
  • BillmgrMaintenance - enables BILLmanager technical maintenance.
  • NoDefaultResponder - disables the "Automatically move ticket to me" option.
  • NoSendToResponder - disables new post notification to the admin who replied in the ticket.
  • CreateZeroExpense - enables to create zero expenses.
  • FastInvoice - enables to generate invoices upon payment.
  • AutoGenAccName - enables to automatically rename clients after they change their names.
  • RestrictDelAutoCr - disables automatic deletion of invoices that were generated automatically.
  • SupportClearDb - deletes old news and system tickets.
  • DeleteCascadeAccount - enables to delete clients with associated elements.
  • AutoEnableDiskImage - automatically adds disk templates to all VPS service packages.
  • NoDefaultSupportCategory - the ticket category that was last selected when submitting a trouble tickets won't be selected automatically.
  • NoCheckDomainOnNS - disable domain check on name servers.
  • ItemSuspendTicketCreate - a ticket will be sent to clients once the service is automatically suspended.
  • ReplaceHtmlContent - enables to convert html messages into plain text before saving it in the "Active tickets" or "Welcome messages".
  • CreateTicketWithoutSubscription - (in BILLmanager and later) enables to submit a ticket to clients even if he is not subscribed to the messages of the specified category.
  • CheckWhoisOnPay - (in BILLmanager and later) enables to check domain availability in whois on the last order step.
  • GameCPEmailLogin - use e-mail instead of username.


  • LogLevel is a BILLmanager logging level (/usr/local/ispmgr/var/billmgr.log). The following logging levels are currently available:
 0 - notes.
 1 - fatal errors.
 2 - not used.
 3 - errors.
 4 - warnings.
 5 - information.
 6 - extended information.
 7 - not used.
 8 - debugging information that is used only by developers.
 9 - trace information that is used only by developers. 
  • MaxPostSize - the maximum length of a POST-request processed by the panel (in bytes). The default value is 262144.
  • PWGenLen - the length of the password, 8 symbols are used by default.
  • PWGenCharacters - a set of symbols for password generation, 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ is used by default.
  • PassExpirePeriod - password validity period. When the set period is over, you will need to change the password. 90 days is used by default.
  • DBHost <hostname> - localhost is used by default.
  • DBName <name> - the database name, billmgr is used by default. A database must exist, or a user must have enough privileges to create it.
  • DBUser <user> - username that is used to access the database. root is used by default.
  • DBPassword <pass> - <user> password
  • DBSocket <socket> - path to mysql UNIX socket, blank by default.
  • DefaultButtonView <view> - default toolbar icons. buttontext - icons with descriptions, button - only icons.
  • MaxCountOfUserPosts - the maximum number of messages a ticket may contain. The default value is 10.
  • FromEmail - email that is used for sending mail during the SMTP-session.
  • LuhnCount - the number of digits for generating codes with the Luhn algorithm.
  • MaxThreadCount - the maximum number of requests in the queue. The default value is 100.
  • DomainDeletePeriod - period in days that will pass until expired domains will be marked as deleted (BILLmanager and later).
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