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This article walks you through the steps to install the billing panel on your server, including pre-requisites and the stages you should pass, as well as instructions on how to start working in BILLmanager.

Ensure that you have a license with public IP address assigned before you begin software installation

Log into your server as root and execute any of the commands below:

fetch ""
wget ""
curl -o ""

Download and run the installation script:


The script contains the keys that you can use if parameters were incorrectly recognized:

--os OS Select an operating system.
--arch ARCH Select architecture  (i386, i686).
--ip IP Enter the license IP-address.

The installation script will list the licenses for your IP-address. Type in the corresponding digit to choose a software product you want to install.

Module «BILLmanager installation;

The Setup Wizard will display the version of the operating system and information related to the software selected. Click Yes to proceed with the installation:

Module «BILLmanager installation;

Enter the administrator password (login: admin) to access BILLmanager:

Module «BILLmanager installation;

The installer will generate a list of packages for installation. This process may take a long time due to the package manager cache update or download/setup up of the ports tree (depending on your operating system):

Module «BILLmanager installation;

Select the installation type. We recommend that you select the default installation type - "Install most popular software":

Module «BILLmanager installation;

You can select other types, such as Apache and MySQL versions (if applicable), however default installation is advisable. If you select MySQL-server, you will be required to enter the root password to create a database.

Once you are done, the installation will start. You will see the information about the package being installed:

Module «BILLmanager installation;

Once the installation is complete, the Setup Wizard will inform you:

Module «BILLmanager installation;

Follow the link https://server_ip-addrees/manager/billmgr to access and configure the system.

Login: admin

Password: enter the password specified during the installation process

Technical details (manual setup)

Advanced users may install and customize their software manually, for example, if they install the panel on a non-supported operating system.

BILLmanager uses Apache that supports SSL (mod_ssl) to gain access through https, and MySQL-server (version 5.0 and later ) with InnoDB support enabled for data storage.

  • To configure Apache, add the following line into the Apache configuration file:
Include /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/

and add the symlink into the /usr/local/ispmgr/lib/apache directory to the module of the corresponding version. Note: your Apache server must work through https.

  • To run MySQL, in the configuration file (/usr/local/ispmgr/etc/billmgr.conf) specify the database access parameters:
DBHost <hostname>  //  localhost by default
DBName <name>      // database name, billmgr by default.
// Make sure the database is created, or the user has enough access permissions to create it 
DBUser <user>      // username to connect to the database, root by default
DBPassword <pass>  // <user> password
DBSocket <socket>  // path to the mysql UNIX socket, blank by default
FromEmail  // address that is used in the field from
  • Execute the following command to provide the admin password:
/usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/mgrctl -m billmgr usrparam passwd=<password> recordlimit=100 sok=ok
  • You can now set up BILLmanager from the web-interface
User name: admin
Password: <pass>
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