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The "Brand settings" module allows you to quickly rebrand your control panel: add your own corporate logo and title, change the color scheme, and link to your website.


Control panel branding

1) The control panel branding settings are used for all administrators.

2) Resellers can change their branding properties according to their business needs. If not, the default branding will be used.

3) Users may use only the brand setting of their reseller or administrator.

4) "Standard" branding is used by default. However, if the DefaultRootBrand option is set, the administrator's brand settings will be used as default.

5) Default brand settings are shown on the authorization form. If a client accessed ISPmanager and BILLmanager by following the link that contains a domain name, brand setting of the domain owner will display.

6) For control panels without reseller accounts, administrator's brand settings are used as default.

Brand settings for project

In the BILLmanager billing system you can change brand settings for each project. If "Default settings" are selected, they will be applied to all projects.

Module «Brand settings»

The Logo tab

Module «Brand settings»
  • Link to your website - enter a link to your corporate website.
  • Main logo - locate your main corporate logo that will be displayed in the upper left corner of the panel interface. The image should be no more than 190х88 pixels in height. The PNG image format is supported.
  • Logo in the authorization form - locate a logo that will be used in the authorization form. The image should be no more than 101х38 pixels in height. The PNG image format is supported.
  • Address bar icon (favicon) - select an icon for the address bar. The image should be no more than 16х16 pixels in height. The .ico image format is supported.
  • Reset all the branding settings - check the box if you wish to reset all current branding setting of your control panel.

The Interface color tab

Module «Brand settings»

Interface view - here you can review changes of the interface's color.

Hue - enter a value or drag the slider until you have the logo's color you want.

Saturation - adjust the saturation level.

Brightness - drag the brightness slider until you have the color you prefer.

Click "OK" to save the changes. Once your are done, new interface color settings will be applied and your logo will be uploaded in place of the default control panel logo.

The HTML tab

Module «Brand settings»

Add to HEAD - provide a code that will be added to all pages between the tags <head> and </head>. Thus you will be able to add code of various metrics and/or JavaScript changing the panel's interface.

The Other settings tab

In this tab you can change the copyright settings.

Module «Brand settings»
  • Your copyright notice - select the check box to provide your own copyright information.
  • Copyright - enter your copyright notice. The filed is displayed, if the "Your copyright notice" check box is selected.
  • Year of foundation - enter the year when your company was founded. It will be displayed in your copyright notice.
  • Company name - enter a company name that will be used instead of the copyright notice.
  • Web-site URL - enter a company URL. Clicking the copyright notice will redirect your users to your web-site.
  • Remove the locale parameter from URL - select the check box to remove the locale parameter from URL. For example: if is specified for a site, the URL will look like,, depending on a user's language, or if his locale is unknown. With this option selected, the specified URL will be used

Note Update the licence file to apply the changes.

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