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What will happen when the license expires?

You won't be able to log into the control panel and run any of the operations to configurethe server. All other functions will continue functioning.

What is disk size?

It is physical size of a hard disk.

What is a disk quota?

Disk quota is the shard disk space available to a username (UID) or group (GID).

What is disk space?

It is a total amount of all files and/or quotas that a user can store on a web server.

Transferring a VPS from one disk to another

  1. Stop the required VPS
  2. Create a directory on the second disk
  3. Assign a new vid for the VPS (vdctl alloc /vs/disk2/
  4. Transfer files using tar
  5. In the VDSmanager configuration file change the path to the private disk into a new one
  6. Restart VDSmanager (killall vdsmgr)
  7. Start the VPS
  8. Delete the directory on the first disk

Cannot set up disk quota

On some virtual private servers The provider (i.e. hosting provider) is the inly one who can activate the system file quota.

Changing maximum size of MySQL username length

The maximum length of a username in MySQL is 16 characters.

When using prefixes in MySQL usernames you will need more characters.

To solve this problem, edit the type of the User field in a user table in the MySQL base by the following MySQL request:

alter table mysql.user modify User char(32);

What is a license bound to?

A license is bound to the server IP-address, so the IP-address should be first on the list, external and static. You may change it only once a month.

See also I'm trying to install ISPmanager, but it is followed by the "Invalid license" error.

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