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The module Change the current VPS configuration displays VPS parameters.

If you are satisfied with the selected package, but need more resources, you can easily add them by editing the virtual server's configuration.

The add-ons listed below allows you to extend the functionality of your virtual private server.
Module «Virtual servers»
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Image:Bullet.gif View a list of parameters
Image:T-edit.png Edit the VPS configuration parameters

View a list of parameters

  • ID - parameter unique identifier.
  • Parameter - parameter included into the VPS configuration.
  • Included into the package - parameters provided by the selected VPS package.
  • Add-ons - number of additional parameters.
  • Allocated/Available - the number of details (used/limit).
  • Add-on price - add-on's cost.

Edit the VPS configuration parameters

The edit form may vary depending on the detail you want to modify.

Please note that all available discounts are not displayed in these forms. They will be shown to you later.

You may refuse any of the services ordered earlier (for example full daily backup). But you can do this only once a day.

You may edit the configuration of your virtual private server every day, only if the package billing type is set to daily charges. If not, you must have sufficient funds on your personal account to order add-ons.

If the attempt to modify the configuration parameters is followed by the error message, such as "You cannot order any add-ons", it means that, it is impossible to change the required parameters.

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