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Changing a package billing type directly from BILLmanager may cause many problems.

For example:

  1. The service history won't track the change of a billing type (as well as any other operations performed directly through the database).
  2. Incorrect recalculation of services which billing type was changed

and so on.

You can make changes manually in the pricelist table -> the billtype field of the BILLmanager database.
Do not change this field in all the records of the table, because the package contents are kept in the same table, and this field acquires another values for them.

Possible values:
enum addBill { abUnknown, abNone, abOrdered, abStat, abPeriod, abDaily, abMonthly, abYearly, abCalendar};

Consider the following values:

abPeriod=4, abDaily=5, abMonthly=6, abYearly=7, abCalendar=8'.

If you are changing a billing type into daily, you need to make the SQL request for the package which billing type you are modifying:

update item set billdate=expiredate where price=PACKAGE_ID;

Restart BILLmanager upon completion.

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