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Warning: when changing your mail server you must delete all the mail domains and mailboxes that will result in deletion of the content of mailboxes (including email messages that were delivered, but not read).

The mail server cannot be chnaged automatically in ISPmanager, however, if you want to change an MTA, you may use the backup module.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Backup plan management module to add a new backup plan and select "ISPmanager configuration ", all settings (*) or "Email domains" in the View the backup content module. Then add "Mailboxes" into the data to be backed up.

2. Run the backup process. The infromation about its termination can be found in the Background tasks module.

3. Delete all the E-mail domains, otherwise while deleting the mail server, the records for mailboxes will remain in sasldb which may cause some problems.

4. Go to the Applications module to delete "Email server (SMTP)". When deleting the mail server, "Greylisting","Opendkim - DKIM filter", "Mail list manager" and "Spamassassin" will be deleted automatically as well. Remember the programs that were installed on the server prior to the server deletion to be able to install them again before recovering from the backup copy.

5. Install the new "Email server (SMTP)" and programs that were installed on the server prior to the MTA deletion.

6. Go to the Backup archives module to recover the email domains, and mailboxes from the archive created on step 1.

All the mailboxes must be recovered.

Enable the maximum log level to recover information from backups:

# echo 9 > /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/pbackup.debug

Monitor "/usr/local/ispmgr/var/pbackup.log" for possible errors.

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