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Changing the IP-address of a server running the ISPsystem software

Sometimes you may need to change the IP-address of the server, where our software is installed. The license is bound to the server IP-address, thus when changed, the invalid license error will be shown.

Follow the instructions below to resolve this problems.

Change the license IP-address in the billing system, from where the software was purchased.

Delete the license file and restart the control panel. For example, if you are running ISPmanager, you need to delete the ispmgr.lic file and restart ispmgr.

rm /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.lic
killall ispmgr

When the control panel opens in the browser, a new license file will be downloaded.

For other software products, the license file and process are named as follows:

vdsmgr.lic for VDSmanager, dnsmgr.lic for DNSmanager, etc.

Downloading a license manually

If the license file does not expire automatically (for example, if there are several IP-addresses on the server, and the one with the license is not the first in the network interface), you may order a new license manually by running the command below:

wget -O /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ispmgr.lic ''

For other software products follow the same procedure. You need to specify the corresponding file name in the command.

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