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Once an administrator has answered a ticket submitted by his user, this ticket is automatically moved to this module. If the administrator has resolved the problem, he can close this ticket and move it to the "Closed tickets" module by clicking the "Archive" icon.

The closed tickets can be reopened, if a customer has encountered the same problem again. To do that, locate the ticket you need and type in the information you want to send to your user.

Module«support center»
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View a list of tickets

  • ID - ticket unique identifier.
  • From - user name who has sent the ticket.
  • Subject - brief description of the issue.
  • Priority - determines ticket importance within the system. Tickets classified at a higher priority should be reviewed and resolved by support staff first.
    • Image:p-pr1.png - high priority (a very urgent problem).
    • Image:p-pr2.png - normal priority.
    • Image:p-pr3.png - low priority.
  • Status - current ticket status:
    • Solved - the problem has been already resolved. The user can locate it to the archive or write more message concerning the same subject.
    • Closed - the ticked has been answered by a technical support specialist.
  • Last post - date and time when the last message was submitted.

View ticket

To view a ticket, locate the one you need and click the "Edit" icon. A new form will appear where you can view the messages history, a username and other information associated with this account, and send him a new answer, if necessary.

Module«support center»
  • Subject - edit a ticket subject.
  • Priority - change the priority of the problem.
  • Category - from the drop-down menu select a category associated with this ticket.
  • History - in this field you can see questions and answers concerning the subject specified. Each message contains a username, and the date when this ticket was submitted.
  • Message body - enter your text concerning the problem.

Delete ticket

To delete a ticket, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected ticket by clicking "OK" on the following form.

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