Collecting traffic information (NetFlow v5/v7/v9/IPFIX)

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DSmanager 4.4.16 and later does not use the flow-tools for collecting traffic information using NetFlow v5, because the flow-tools utilities are not developed any more. Now pmacct is used. DSmanager requires pmacct 0.14 and later. Popular distributions includes only 0.12.


This package uses libpcap, which is included into all popular distributions. Execute:

   apt-get install libpcap-dev 


   yum install libpcap-dev

Setting up pmacct manually:

  • Download the source code of pmacctd at [1]
   cd /root
  • Untar the archive
   tar x -f pmacct-0.14.1.tar.gz
  • Go to the directory with the source code
   cd /root/pmacct-0.14.1
  • Set up and install the package:
   ./configure && make && make install

DSmanager configuration

DSmanager uses the utility nfacctd, included into pmacct. It can be used to collect NetFlow v5/v7/v9 and IPFIX Perform the following operations to enable DSmanager to collect traffic information with nfacctd:

  • Go to the Global settings module.
  • In the "Statistics collection" tab enter the period in the field "Period (in min) to process traffic statistics from NetFlow/IPFIX"
  • In the "NetFlow/IPFIX" tab select the check box "Collect statistics using NetFlow/IPFIX"
  • In the "Pat to nfacctd" filed enter a path to the nfacctd executavle file. Normally, "/usr/local/sbin/nfacctd"
  • In the "Port" field enter the port number. Normally, 9995.
  • In the "Save statistics into" filed enter the directory where nfacctd temporary files will be stored.

ATTENTION. Make sure you select correct "Traffic statistics collection policy" in the "Statistics collection" tab. Otherwise traffic information can be collected twice (both from the switch and using NetFlow/IPFIX)

Once you are done, DSmanager will create and start the nfacctd configuration file.

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