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Once you have created a new company, you can enable the provider's project for it. Projects (or web-sites) in BILLmanager contain all necessary information about products and services provided to customers. You can create different projects depending on your business needs. For example, there may be several projects offering cheaper or more expensive services.

Projects allows to use specific payment methods, currencies, etc., to pay for the products and services purchased on the project.

Module «Projects»
Image:T-back.png Back to the companies list
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of projects
Image:T-on.png Enable the selected project for the company
Image:T-off.png Disable the selected project for the company

View a list of projects

  • ID - project unique identifier.
  • Project - project name.
  • Status - project current status:
Image:p-on.png - the selected project is active.
Image:p-off.png - the selected project is not active.
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