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Configuring your mailbox in Microsoft Outlook

ISPManager provides you with the script to automatically configure Microsoft Outlook. Go to the Mailboxes module to click the icon located on the toolbar.


More information on how to manage this email client can be found in the article Outlook configuration (Mail account).

The following instructions will guide you through the process of configuring Microsoft Outlook to check your email manually, if you failed to configure it using the script.

Creating email account in Microsoft Outlook

Start Microsoft Outlook.

In the menu bar go to the "Tools" menu and select "Accounts".


On the page that will be displayed click "Add" and select "Mail".


The Wizard page will be shown. Enter your email address into the corresponding field.


Next you will need to provide incoming and outgoing servers. If you are using standard ISPmanager configuration, mail services will listen to all IP addresses of the servers. You can use a server's IP-address or any of the domains specified for this server as these servers. ISPmanager automatically creates POP and SMTP subdomains in your domain. As your incoming and outgoing mail server for you may choose:

  • IP address of a server

We recommend that you use your main domain on which the mailbox is located. For example, will be used for mailbox.


On the page that appears make sure that you enter your full email address in the "Account Name" field, as by default Outlook prompts to enter only your name. Enter a password associated with your account name in the "Password" field;


Congratulations! You have successfully entered all of the information required to set up your account.

Activating SMTP-authorization for mail account

With the email account created, you will need to enable SMTP authorization to send email. Select the newly created mail account and click "Properties":


Choose the "Servers" tab -> "Outgoing Mail Server" -> select the "My server requires authentication " check box. You may leave default settings for this option as well (click "Settings" - > "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"):


Changing port for server connection

If you have configured Outlook, but still have problems with sending mail, your may have problems with mail server, or If your ISP blocks port 25 for SMTP. Try using port 25 or 587 in your configuration.

Go to the account properties page


Click the "Advanced" tab and change the port to an alternate one.


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