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Add a registrar. For each registrar you must provide its URL address, username and password. Depending on the register selected you will be prompted to provide some additional information. The table below lists registrars and parameters:


Name URL Additional parameters Import Domain availability tool
Directi - whois
WebNames - + whois
Reg.Ru API 2 - + whois
Hostmaster EPP In the "Directory with certificate keys" field enter the path to the pem file
- whois
Tucows Secret key - whois
DNS be - - whois
R01 - + whois
RU-Center Currency - for creating new clients
Error message language in case of errors
+ whois
NauNet - - whois
Hostmaster Additional information - you can enter your organization's name - whois
Ukrnames - - whois
OnlineNIC - - whois
DRS - - whois
Reg.RU - - whois
Domenus - - whois
NetWorking4All - + whois
Ascio - - whois
KeySystem (RRPProxy) - + whois
HosterKZ - - whois
EvoNames or - + whois
Mastername - - whois
Realtime Register or for tests - - whois
InterNetX or for test AutoDNS ID (Context) - mandatory parameter, you can get it when registering in the system, E-mail - email address to which operation results will be sent (mandatory parameter) + whois

In BILLmanager 4.0.60 and later the "Responsible department" and "Send error message" fields are added into a registrar edit form. If selected, a specified department will receive trouble tickets in case of domain processing errors. For example, if a customer registered a domain name, but his registrar failed to process it, the trouble ticket "Error processing domain: 'register [1000]' containing detailed information related to this issue will be submitted.

Some registrars (Directi, Domenus, DRS, Naunet, RU-CENTER, R01, Tucows, Webnames, Realtime Registe) enables to check their balance of account once a day. To be be able to do so, create a cron job by specifying the command:

12 0 * * * /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/ sbin/domainmaintain daily

If a registrar's balance of account is less than the value specified in the Minimum balance form, a corresponding ticket will be sent to its responsible department.

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