Configuring the FreeBSD kernel to be used with ISPmanager

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The article below describes the FreeBSD kernel configuration parameters required for correct operation of the ISPmanager control panel.

General provisions

FreeBSD contains the default GENERIC kernel that does not support file system and is not compiled with quota enabled.

When installing ISPmanager, if the quotas and firewall are not supported on the installed kernel, the installer prompts to install the kernel with predefined options.

If ISPmanager was installed manually, the kernel for FreeBSD can be downloaded at You may also configure it yourself using the options listed below.


Unpack the archive file of the required operating system version and architecture, copy the kernel.isp file into the /boot/kernel/ directory

add the line below to the /boot/loader.conf configuration file


Configuration file parameters

The kernel configuration file is the GENERIC configuration with the following parameters:

options QUOTA
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