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In BILLmanager 4.0.52 and later you can use a PDF converter for creating PDF documents. As a PDF converter you may use any executable file that implements the function to convert HTML into PDF, and receives the page URL that will be converted into a PDF document and the file's name to which the resulting document will be saved.

To use this option:

  • Go to BILLmanager - > the Features module -> select the "Create PDF" check box;
  • Go to the Global settings module -> provide a path to the converter's executable file. After you have clicked OK, BILLmanager will check this file and save the path to the converter into the configuration file.

When you are done, in the Credits/Payments module two new icons will be displayed:

  • Save - save invoices as PDF.
  • Send - send PDF invoices to a customer's email address.

All the invoices that are automatically generated will be sent to customers along with email notifications.

As a PDF converter you can use any application that meets the requirements described above. For example wkhtmltopdf (to display Cyrillic symbols you need to install additional fonts, such as DejaVu), or the php script that uses pdflib and so on.

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