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A Contract is a legal agreement between two or more parties for performing some specified actions enforceable by law. The provider can sign a contract with both legal entities (Companies in BILLmanager) and individuals. If the customer creates several users, a separate contract will be made for each of them. As long as the user orders new services, new Appendixes will be added to contracts.

For more information about BILLmanager contracts, please read System of contracts.

In this module the customer may view the contracts, request an original copy of the contract and monitor its status.

Module «Contract management»
Image:Bullet.gif View a list of contracts
Image:t-copy.png Request original of the contract
Image:T-print.png Print contract
Image:T-credit.png Save contract

View a list of contracts

  • ID - contract unique identifier.
  • Number - contract number.
  • Date - date when the contract was created.
  • Client - individual or company who effects payment for the services.
  • Company - name of the provider's company entering into a contract with the client.
  • Contract type - contract type according to the ordered services.
  • Status - contract current status:
    • Drafting - original state of the contract. It is based on the data provided in the Payers module. You can request the original copy of the contract from the provider.
    • Requested - the customer requested the original from the provider.
    • Sent - the provider got the request, viewed the contract content and sent the original copy of the contract to the customer postal address.
    • Signed - the provider got the signed copy of the contract. The contract is made.

Note To sign a contract with the provider You need to enter all the required information into the Payers module, from which it is automatically sent to the Contract information module. In case of incorrect or incomplete information, the contract will be considered incorrect and its status returns to "Drafting".

Request original of the contract

The customer may request the original copy of the contract from the provider, if necessary. You should select the required contract and click the "Request" icon.

The program will prompt to confirm your actions. If the forms in the Payers module are filled in incorrectly, You may receive an error message similar to this: "The information is not full". To sign the contract, You need to enter all the missing data. Once the contract is signed, the customer can no longer change its information. In case of incorrect data, please contact your services provider.

Print contract

To get the contract, You do not need to print it yourself. The provider will print and send the contract in duplicate for You to sign it. You can use the "Print" icon only to preview. Click it to view the contract content.

Save contract

To save the contract as PDF, select it and click the "Save" icon. A new window will open. You can view and print the contract using your browser's print function.

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