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DNSmanager is a DNS slave server management system. It can be used both as a stand-alone software and for ISPmanager and VDSmanager integration (thus allowing you to add records to a slave name server).


Install DNSmanager on the server that will be used as a slave name server. A sufficient number of IP-addresses that will be used as "Private name servers" should be allocated for this server.

You can add addresses in the IP-addresses management module or receive them from IPmanager (see the Integration with IPmanager module).

Additional IP-addresses (used for private name servers) are assigned automatically to the network interface by executing the following command:

/usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/mgrctl -m dnsmgr bindip

that runs from the /etc/rc.local file

All IP-addresses will be automatically bound to the network interface when starting DNSmanager.

BIND DNS name server

View in the configuration file is used. Each view is a separate name space with a private IP-address.

When adding a user in the User management module, he is provided with a DNS name space (it is unique within the server).

A reseller may create separate name spaces for his users or provide them with a private name space that will be shared among all the control panel users that use it.

The following record is automatically added into the DNS server configuration (named.conf)

view "" {
        allow-transfer {;;};
        match-destinations {; };

        zone "" {
               type slave;
               masters {;};
               file "/etc/namedb/slave/";



  • - the name of a DNS name space
  • allow-transfer - zone transfer is allowed (specified in the DNS management module)
  • match-destinations - the parameter that is an IP-address of the view. It is used as an address for that name server.

The record is followed by the already created zone, the slave parameter defines that this is a slave name server which is taken from according to the masters parameter.

The following record is automatically specified in the /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/dnsmgr.passwd file of DNSmanager



  • p192.0.2.1 - a user login
  • resellername - the reseller associated with the user account mentioned above
  • $2a$01$dZh8hjkH74xjG47XM - the password blowfish hash
  • 10 - the level of access
  • 1:1000:1 - the number of used, allowed and shared domains (learn more in DNSmanager configuration file)

Once the domain names have been created, the zone is transferred to the slave server . Port 53/tcp is used for data transfer. If you experience any problems, see the DNS server logs (normally /var/log/messagess).


DNSmanagr can be integrated with the PowerDNS name server. For more information on the DNSmanager configuration, read Using PowerDNS with DNSmanager

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