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This module can be used to change default settings for domains. Select "DNS settings" on the navigation bar and fill out the following form:

Module«DNS settings»

  • Name servers - enter the name(s) of the name servers that will handle the DNS records for this domain. Name server format - ns1.mydomain.com. ns2.mydomain.com.
  • Mail servers - enter the name(s) of the mail servers that will handle the e-mail for this domain. Mail server format- mail1.mydomain.com. mail2.mydomain.com.
  • Technical support e-mail address - enter the e-mail address that is used for the technical support of the name servers. The format of the e-mail address is the same as an normal e-mail address except '.' is used instead of '@'
  • Additional records - additional records of Internet address type which will be automatically added when creating new domain.
  • Change for all domains - check the box to apply new settings to all the server domains zones files. If you are a reseller, the changes are made to all the domains attached to your reseller account.
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