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DNSmanager is a control panel that can be used to manage domain name servers. It is specially designed to integrate with ISPmanager and VDSmanager, and can be used as independent Web Control Panel. DNSmanager is compatible with any of the Unix operating systems.

The multilevel access system allows each user to access the functions he needs. The control panel has the following levels of administration:

A DNSmanager administrator can manage the control panel users, drill down to any user account.

A Reseller can use functions to manage his domain names, and associated users.

A User can use functions to manage his domain names.

The DNSmanager interface is easy-to-use. It was specially designed for users who has basic knowledge in web-hosting. Each field of the form and each button has a brief hint that you can view by moving your mouse cursor over its name. You can also use the comprehensive documentation by clicking the icon Image:sb-help.gif on the toolbar.

DNSmanager has several interface themes. You can choose the one you like. There is a list of interface languages. Select the language for your menu, modules, messages, hints and documentation. If the themes and languages don't fit your needs, you can edit them and add new ones.

The DNSmanager has an open API (application programming interface) that allows you to use all the features of the control panel in your programs.

We are adding new features all the time and we are continually looking at how we can make it easier. DNSmanager auto-update system allows our users always have the latest version of the control panel.

We hope that you will enjoy the true worth of DNSmanager.

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