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This article will go you through the steps you need to perform to install DSmanager on Window.

1. Unpack the ISO image and copy the OS into DS/WINDOWS/win2008. Make sure you open it in SAMBA
2. Create the directory DS/TFTP/boot/x86 that should contain files from winpe(windows-boot.zip) bootmgr.exe pxeboot.n12 directory /images/ boot.wim 
3. In etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf locate the record for installation filename "\\boot\\x86\\pxeboot.n12";
4. Create the folder DS/WINDOWS/setupwin/, then create the file setupwin.bat and specify the following record. Make sure you open it in SAMBA
net use f: \\IP-шары\2008win
5. To install the OS automatically read about AutoUnattend.xml Unattend.xml for the WINDOWS image!

Follow the link to download http://download.ispsystem.com/DSmanager/BootWindows/windows-boot.zip

Unpack and copy into DS/TFTP/boot/x86

To make everything up and running create a boot drive WinPE or edit our windows-boot.zip

WinPE configuration. If you need to edit something in the boot drive WINPE.wim or boot.wim, you can open it using AIK only

Open AIK Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment

Create a directory for mounting

copype.cmd x86 c:\winpe

Mount the Wim archive

Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\winpe\winpe.wim /index:1 /MountDir:C:\winpe\mount


Dism /unmount-wim /Mountdir:C:\winpe\mount /commit 

Add the required into WINPE

Dism /image:C:\winpe\mount /Add-Driver /driver:C:\winpe\driver-win\ /recurse
or a specific drive 
Dism /image:C:\winpe\mount\mount /Add-Driver /driver:C:\winpe\atom_realtek\WIN7-2008\64\rt64win7.inf /ForceUnsigned 

For automatic installation use the file in WinPE winpe.wim\Windows\System32\startnet.cmd. Our installation image windows-boot.zip contains everything you may need, including network card and RAID controller drivers.


diskpart -s dp.txt
for /f "eol=# delims=: tokens=1,2" %%i in ('"ipconfig /all | find /i "DHCP Server""') do (
   set srv=%%j
for /f "usebackq eol=# tokens=1" %%i in ('%srv%') do (
   set srv=%%i
for /f "eol=# delims=:( tokens=1,2" %%i in ('"ipconfig /all | find /i "IPv4 Address""') do (
   set addr=%%j
for /f "usebackq eol=# tokens=1" %%i in ('%addr%') do (
   set addr=%%i
\\%srv%\reminst\setup -unattend:\\%srv%\config\%addr%.xml
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