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The below files are located in /usr/local/ispmgr/

  • Configuration files


  1. dsmgr.conf — the main configuration file
  2. dsmgr.iplist — a list of IP address that are used for accounting of IP addresses in DSmanager
  3. dsmgr.ipaccess — acess to IP addresses that is used for accounting of IP addresses in DSmanager
  • Executable files
  1. bin/dsmgr — the main executable file
  2. sbin/netctl — is used for network equipment
  3. sbin/getstat — is used for statistics collection
  4. sbin/osinstall — is used to boot OS templates
  • Log files


  1. dsmgr.log
  2. netctl.log
  3. getstat.log
  4. osinstall.log
  • Files that are used to collect statistics
  1. var/device.stat — current status of equipment. It is created upon handler of «netctl update»
  2. var/stat/ — a directory where statistical files are kept
  3. var/stat/bb.log — the main statistics file is kept. All the data displayed in DSmanager are taken from this file.
  • Directories with OS templates and their configuration files


  1. DSconfig/ - directory where configuration files for reinstalled servers are kept (OS template, IP address, root, etc.)
  2. DStemplate/ - directory with OS templates.
  3. FreeBSD/ - directory with FreeBSD recovery templates. (*)
  4. Linux/ - directory with Linux-based systems recovery templates. (*)

(*) «recovery templates» contain a minimum set of components for operating system recovery.

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