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VDSmanager allows you to manage various directories that holds sets of pre-defined software for virtual servers creation. The directory must include the VPS root, i.e. all the files required for its start and performance. VDSmanager provides you with a number of pre-defined software that you can use for your VPSs. You can add more directories and libraries, alter the configuration files of existing templates.

If you choose to install a disk template, you need to decide which pre-installed software to use. If you wish to install supplementary software to an existing disk template, run the following command:

chroot /vs/pub/template-local-name

The root of your system will be moved to the template directory and you will be able to add the software using the pkg_add utility, collect from ports or compile from sources.

Attention! Do not alter the existing software and configuration files of the downloaded template, as updates may cause certain problems. We recommend that you use a pre-defined FreeBSD template.

Virtual server installation script

Once you virtual server has been installed, you can alter the /root/.vdsinstall script, if necessary. This script will run during creation of a virtual private server.

More information can be found in the article Creating disk templates.

Please note, only VPS administrator can manage (i.e. install, delete and update) the disk template. VPS reseller can only view the list all the disk templates installed by the administrator.
Module «Disk templates»
Image:T-bullet.gif View the disk templates list
Image:T-on.png Enable auto-update for the template
Image:T-off.png Disable auto-update for the template

View the disk templates list

  • Name - name of the template that is displayed in the form for a new virtual private server creation.
  • Path - path to the directory where the template is located.
  • Status - current template status: OK, ready for use, being installed, updated, an error occurred, etc.
  • Auto-update - current status of the function:
Image:p-on.png - auto-update is active for the selected template
Image:p-off.png - auto-update is not active for the selected template.
  • Version - name of the template's version.
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