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We need to automatically register a domain name on provider's NS to enable clients to manage DNS records and use domain parking.


  • BILLmanager Standard or higher with the "Domain name registration" and "Virtual hosting" options on.
  • ISPmanager Lite or higher.

Both software product should be installed in one virtual server.

Before you start, make sure to set up ISPmanager and BILLmanager. For more details, please read the following articles:

To specify a domain name on the provider's NS upon registration:

- when registering a domain name, the customer must specify provider's NS or in the domain zone of the hosting service; - the domain must not be specified on provider's NS provided by the customer.

To allow your customer to order a domain name and hosting account for domain parking, perform the following operations:

  1. Create a service package in BILLmanager
  2. Configure ISPmanager in BILLmanager
  3. Create a package to register hosting account for domains parking
  4. Enable a domain's registrar
  5. Create a domain package
  6. Add a discount that can be given on a hosting service if a domain is ordered (optional)

ISPmanager settings

Add and configure a package template in ISPmanager, note the the value in the "Domain" filed must be larger than 0:

Package name
Package settings

BILLmanager settings

1. Specify NS servers in the provider's edit form.

2. Go to the Server management module to add a new server. Before you start, create at least one department and select the check box "Support center".

Server parameters

BILLmanager will check server connection and get a list of internal names of the package presets that will be further used for creating a DNS hosting package.

Example of server configuration:

Ver ISPmanager-Lite 4.4.3
Feature vhost vreseller
Level 7
Preset dns

In the above example we have one preset, which internal name is "dns".

3. Go to the package management module to create a "DNS hosting" package. If a user selects this package, he will be able to gain access to ISPmanager and add or delete domain names.

Follow the steps to create a package:

Package. Step 1
Package. Step 2
Package. Step 3
Package. Step 4
Package. Step 5

Select a server that will process services of the newly created package. To do so, click the "Server" icon in and in the window that will open, click the "On" icon to activate the server.

Server for package

4. Add a domain registrar as described in the article Registrars.

5. Add the domain package. See the information above on how to create it. Note, that instead of the internal name of the package you should select a domain name and registrar.

6. Once you have created the DNS hosting package and domain name, you may create a discount that will be given on DNS hosting, if a client orders a domain.

Discount on DNS hosting

Now you are ready to sell domains that can be parked on the provider's name servers.


Parking domain name on the ISPmanager account

To specify a newly created domain in ISPmanager, specify the domain's NS in the same domain zone where the domain of the DNS hosting account is placed, or on the provider's name servers. We have and

Ordering DNS hosting:

DNS hosting
DNS hosting
DNS hosting

Once you have paid for the hosting account, it will be activated, and the client will be able to park domains in ISPmanager.

All the domains that will be ordered in future will be parked in ISPmanager as well.

100% discount on DNS hosting

The customer may get a discount that was created on the previous step. This will allow him to order DNS hosting upon domain registration:

Follow the above procedure to order the service.

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