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Creating a domain

A separate zone file is created for each newly created domain. The file name corresponds to that of a newly created domain. The directory where domain zone files are stored is specified as "DomainZonesPath" in the control panel's configuration file. The corresponding values provided in the Default domain settings are used for name servers, mail servers and domain aliases. Domain aliases correspond to the IP-address that was provided when creating a domain name.

The following record is added into the named.conf file:

zone "domain_name" { type master; file "zone_file"; };

The path to the file is specified in "config named.conf" of the control panel's configuration file. Where:

"domain_name" is the name of a newly created domain.
Zone_file is a full path to the file that contains domain information.

If you wish to provide additional information in the domain zone file you can use Configuration file templates.

If a domain is bound to a user, this user is considered its owner.

"Bind" is a group to which the domain zone file is assigned. Please note, this group needs to have record privileges.

The DNS server must re-read the configuration files to apply the changes.

rndc reload

Changing domain properties

If you change a domain's owner, the owner of the domain zones file is also changed.

Any changes in domain parameters or records will change the "serial" parameter in the domain zone file. The following command will start

rndc reload zone domain_name

Removing a domain

When removing a cdomain, the corresponding record in named.conf is also removed. The zone file is deleted, and the DNS server re-reads the configurations files.

rndc reload

Record length limit

The maximum length of a domain name is 256 characters due to named limits.

The maximum length of the RR record (the whole record in the zone file) is 65535 characters.

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