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  • Main Features
    • Server management - create, edit, delete, suspend dedicated servers, reinstall their operating system, enable and disable network switches.
    • Administrator management - customize and manage administrator accounts.
    • User management - customize and manage user accounts.
    • Reseller management - add resellers with point-and-click ease; edit the resources available to an existing reseller and manage their permissions
    • Equipment management - add and manage your data center equipment, such as power switches, network switches and KVM switches.
    • Racks - add and manage rack where your datacenter equipment can be placed.

  • Server Statistics
    • Active sessions - monitor any activity of your server tracking the DSmanager Control Panel access.
    • Action log - description of the actions that the DSmanager Control Panel users perform.
    • Traffic - detailed traffic statistics per server.
    • Power consumption - detailed energy consumption statistics per server.

  • Help
    • License - information on the license for the control panel usage.
    • Help - link to the DSmanager documentation.
    • Updates - DSmanager change log - list of modifications made to the control panel, such as bug fixes, improvements, new features.
    • Feature request - link to the forum where you can post your feature requests.
    • Bug report - link to the forum where you can post bug reports.


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