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This module can be used to set up e-mail auto-responders to automatically send response messages. This can be useful, if you will not be able to check you mailbox. You may use the auto-responder to leave vacation notices, notifications and technical messages for your clients.

Module«Email autoresponders»
Image:T-bullet.gif View the auto-responders list
Image:T-new.png Add new auto-responder
Image:T-edit.png Edit auto responder-parameters
Image:T-delete.png Delete auto-responder

View the auto-responders list

  • E-mail address - e-mail address of the auto-responder.

Add new auto-responder

To add a new auto-responder, click the "New" icon and fill out the form:

Module «Email autoresponder»
  • Name - enter the name of the sender of the message and e-mail address that will be used as a sender address in the auto-responder's message. For example, admin@example.com.
  • Domain - select an e-mail domain that will be specified after the @symbol in the auto-responder address.
  • Action - select what you want to do with the message that is sent to the auto-responder:
    • Send to script - a message (text and headers) will be redirected to the script specified as stdin.
    • Send message - auto-responder will automatically reply to any mail sent to a specified email address with a template reply.
  • Script - specify the path to the script regarding your home directory.
  • Subject- specify a subject for the message that will be sent by the auto-responder.
  • Message - enter your auto-responder message.
  • File - if you want to attach a file to your auto-responder message, specify the path to this file regarding your home directory.

Edit auto-responder parameters

To edit an auto-responder, locate the auto-responder you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete auto-responder

To delete an auto-responder, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon.Confirm that you want to delete the selected auto-responder by clicking OK in the following form.

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