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To edit the existing customer, select it from the list, click the "Edit" icon and fill out the following form. The information that you are to provide will vary depending on the customer's status.

The form has the following tabs:


  • Name - enter the account name.
  • Registration date - provide the date when the customer account was registered in the billing system.
  • Registration IP - provide the IP-address from which the account was registered.
  • Note - field for additional information.


  • Status - from the drop-down menu select a required customer's status - either an individual or company.
  • Company name - will be displayed if "Company" has been selected. Provide a company name.
  • Contact person - enter a contact person name.
  • VAT number - will be displayed if "Company" has been selected. Enter the customer VAT number.
  • Phone number - enter the customer phone number.
  • Fax - enter the customer fax number.
  • E-mail - enter the customer e-mail address that will be used for notifications from the system.
  • Purpose of payment - enter the purpose of payment (e.g. advance payment).



Postal address

  • Country - from the drop down menu select the customer country.
  • ZIP/Postal code - enter the zip code of the city below.
  • City - enter the customer city.
  • Address - enter the customer address (including, street, building, apartment or office)

If the "Company" status has been selected, the "Legal address" will be displayed. Fill out these field providing the corresponding information.

Contact details

  • Passport - provide the customer passport number (if the "Individual" status is set).

If the "company" status has been selected:

  • Director - enter the name of a person entering into a contract.
  • Job title - enter the job title of a person entering into a contract
  • Acts on the grounds of - person, acting in accordance with ... (for example, Articles of association).


  • User name - specify a username to log in to the system.
  • Full name - enter the customer real name.
  • Access password - specify the password to log into the system. The password can be randomly generated by the system. To get one, click a special button next to the field.
  • Confirm password - retype the password for confirmation. If it was randomly generated, confirmation is set automatically.
  • Full access - check the box to grant the customer with superuser privileges.
  • Disable access - check the box to disable the customer (for example if he was fired). He won't be able to use the system via his account.
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