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You may view and edit the ticket, such as balance of account, services ordered by this customer, their status, technical support fee, information about the customer (contact person, notification e-mail, username, etc.). To edit a ticket, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.


Module «Active tickets»
  • Subject - the issue you are describing in the ticket.
  • History - a list of messages that were sent to the support center. In this field you can see an administrator in charge of this issue and the time when the ticket was submitted. You can manage the ticket routing in the Global settings module.
  • New message - write the answer to the issue described above . Clicking "Auto complete" enables you to choose a pre-defined answer. More information cam be found in the Message template module. Click "Quote" to copy and paste the sentence or phrase from the message body.

All the fields described below are hidden by default. Clicking "Show additional fields " will display them.

  • Internal comment - select the check box to write a comment concerning the issue and move the ticket to a responsible administrator or department.
  • Block ticket - select the check box if you are going to write an answer. Other support specialists will not be able to open and answer this ticket.
  • Close ticket - select the check box, if you have resolved the problem and do not need the ticket any more.
  • Charge account - the check box is selected by default. A customer's personal account will be charged for technical support provided.
  • Save as template - select the check box to save your response as a template for further communication with customers.
  • View count - in the box you can see how many times a technical support specialist has opened this ticket.
  • Split ticket - select the check box to split the ticket into several parts. Changing the ticket subject will also split the ticket.
  • Forbid to close - select the check box to forbid the customer to close this ticket and move it to archive.
  • Split ticket - split this ticket into several posts.
  • Technical support fee - amount charged from the customer's personal account for the technical support provided.
  • Department or admin in charge of this issue - select a department or specialist who will be in charge of the issue.
  • Attach file - choose a file you want to attach to your ticket (its maximum size must not exceed 10 MB). Click the "Choose" button to locate one your need.


Module «Active tickets»
  • Created а - date when the customer submitted the first ticket.
  • Last message - date when the last message was sent.
  • Technical support fee - amount due for the technical support provided.
  • Category - category associated with the ticket (the support fee will vary depending on the selected category). If you change the category of the ticket, next time it will be assigned to the department associated with the selected category. More information can be found in the Categories module.
  • Automatically assign a new ticket to me - this check box is selected automatically to assign all further tickets from this customer to you. If the "Do not assign tickets automatically " check box is selected in the Global settings module, new tickets won't be automatically assigned to you.
  • Importance - urgency of the issue. The customer assigned this property when submitting the ticket.
  • Services - choose a product or services (including their IDs and order period) the customer purchased.
  • Comment - field for additional information about this ticket.
  • Products - list of products and services the customer purchased. You can see their IDs, description, statuses (active/not active), and associated servers, if any.

Account information

Module «Active tickets»
  • Account ID - unique identifier of the user account. More information can be found in the Customer management (Corporate) module.
  • Username - username that the customer enters to gain access to BILLmanager.
  • Contact person - full name of a person who you may contact, if necessary.
  • Company - payee (company or individual).
  • E-mail - e-mail of the contact person.
  • Balance of account - current balance of account.
  • Comment - field for additional information about this ticket.
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