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Script handlers pass the following environment variables:

  • AUTHID - session unique identifier.
  • REMOTE_USER - name of the user who called a function.
  • SESSION_LEVEL - access level of the user who called a function.
  • SESSION_LANG - user interface language.
  • RECORDLIMIT - maximum number of records in a table (can be specified in the General settings module). When creating a table, the plug-in cannot form more records than specified in this parameter. If more data are used, a corresponding banner will be displayed.
  • MGR - software product name, such as ispmgr. It can be used when one plug-in is used in multiple software products.
  • MGR_DISTRIBUTION - full name of a software distribution, such as ISPmanager-Lite.
  • MGR_VERSION - software version.
  • MSG_OSNAME - operating system a software is running on.
  • LICID - license number that can be used for licensing your plug-ins. Note, if licenses are provided for a range of IP-addresses, several licenses will have the same number.
  • HANDLER_STAGE - execution status. It is only used when calling event handlers. It can have the following values - "before", "after", "final".
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