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With the "External technical support" option you will be able to combine a ticket-system of multiple billing systems into one. This can be helpful, if your provide for example, outsourced technical support services.

The whole process can be described as follows: if a ticket is submitted to a customer's billing system and is assigned to the "external" technical department, the ticket will appear in the main billing system (be it originally submitted to the external department or after it was assigned to local departments).

An external billing system is BILLmanager, which tickets should be processed in a different billing system.

The main billing system is BILLmanager, which will receive tickets from an external billing.


Main billing system:

  • Only BILLmanager 4.0.63 and later can be used as the main billing system.
  • In the user edit form (a customer's user) select the check box "External support". You will be prompted to enter admin authentication data (he must have superuser privileges) to gain access to the external billing system. You should also provide the URL to the external billing.

External billing system

  • BILLmanager 4.0.63 and higher can be used as an external billing system.
  • Go to the Global settings module to select the check box "Client of remote technical support". Provide authentication data of the user (of the main billing) who is allowed to use external technical support. You should also provide a URL to the main billing.


  • In case of errors, see the log /usr/local/ispmgr/var/remotesupport.log and the billing logs.
  • The data are synchronized once a minute.
  • Select the check box "Internal functions" in the department edit form which tickets will be handled in the main billing.

[1] BILLmanager 4.0.68 and later enables to use administrators without superuser privileges for the remote support feature.

To assign access privileges, select the "Internal functions" check box and enable access to clienttickets.sync, clienttickets.syncadmticket and clienttickets.syncdepartments

Once you are done, you will be able to provide access detail for the main user of the billing system who is allowed to use the remote support function. You should also provide the URL to the main BILLmanager.

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