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With this module you may manage various features available in BILLmanager. If you are going to provide your customers with such services as Virtual private servers, shared hosting, etc., you need to enable them on the list of features. Once the required feature is activated, the corresponding module or function will be displayed on the BILLmanager menu.

See also BILLmanager initial setup to learn more about how to customize the billing system.

Module «Features»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of features
Image:T-on.png Enable the selected feature.
Image:T-off.png Disable the selected feature.

View a list of features

  • Name - name of the BILLmanager feature.
  • Status - feature current status:
Image:p-on.png - the selected feature is active.
Image:p-off.png - the selected feature is not active.
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