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Configuration file parameters

  • PrivateDiskDir - specify the directory to store the virtual server disks. Note On VDSmanager-FreeBSD virtual private disks and disk templates must be stored in one partition.
  • VdsInterface - specify the network interface to locate IP-addresses of virtual servers. The interface with the license IP-address is used by default.
  • DevfsRuleset (DevfsVnetRuleset) - on VDSmanager-FreeBSD specify the number of the set of devfs rules that will be assigned to the virtual servers.

Default value is 100 (200 for DevfsVnetRuleset for the servers with virtual network space). The script that initializes these rules is located in /usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/devfs.config (/usr/local/ispmgr/sbin/devfs.vnet.config for the servers with vnet enabled). You can change and run it to initialize a new set of rules, if necessary. However, these rules will be applied to the newly started virtual servers only.

  • DefaultButtonView - way of displaying the icons on the toolbar: icons with captions or icons: buttontext - icons with captions, button - icons only.
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