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To protect your billing system from fraudulent actions we offer you a special function that requires your customers to pass a phone verification process, which is used to limit or reduce illegal activities like fraud. A customer will not be able to order a service until his phone number is verified.

Phone verification is the simplest and the most effective method to prevent frauds.

More information on how to set fraud protection can be found in the article Additional modules for fraud protection.

Once a customer's phone number is verified, it will be automatically specified in the Customer management (Corporate) module -> Customer's properties -> the "Verified phone number" field.

You need to activate this function in the Features module -> "Fraud protection".

Module «Fraud protection gateways»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of service provider
Image:T-new.png Create new service provider
Image:T-edit.png Edit provider properties
Image:T-delete.png Delete service provider

View a list of service providers

  • ID - unique identifier of the service provider.
  • Provider - service that is used to verify a customer' phone number.
  • Priority - priority of this service provider on the list.

Create new service provider

Choose a service that will verify your customer's phone number. Note You need to register on the web-site of a selected service prior to verification.

Module«Fraud protection»

Module settings

Depending on the service selected above, you will be required to provide different parameters.


To enable a Clickatell gateway, register a Clickatell Central (API) account on the Clickatell official web-site.

Once you have been registered, you will need to get connection to send SMS. Go to the Clickatell site -> "Manage my Products" -> "My connections" and select "Add connections". XML connection is used in BILLmanager to integrate with the service, so you need to register this kind of API.

When the page opens, you can edit a connection name, if necessary, and select the following options:

  • Replace Leading Zero (Dial Prefix) - automatically replace the leading zero in a telephone number with a prefix of the selected country. For example, if you select Canada, the number 04951111111 will be converted to 14951111111. This is an optional check box, because the client will be prompted to enter a country prefix and a telephone number (the country prefix will not be included into a phone number).
  • Enable IP Address Restriction (IP Lock Down) - enable blocking of IP-addresses. Only requests sent from specified IP-addresses will be processed.
  • Enable SMS Status Notification (MT Callback) - enable message status notifications. This option is not used in BILLmanager directly, but the messages returned by the server gateway can be located in a corresponding log file.

With all the parameters entered and the "Submit and Get API ID" button clicked, API connection will be created. You will see a page with the parameters of a newly created connection and examples of the XML messages that are sent to the server.

To connect to BILLmanager you will be required to enter the API ID, that you have already received, as well as a username and password to access API (they match those from the Clickatell site).

If you wish to send an SMS to Russia, you will be required to submit a ticket to the Support center providing the purpose of such SMS.


XML is used to connect the MobilMoney API, so in the Connection window you need to enter the login and password, that you provided when registering at the MobilMoney web-site.

Quick Telecom

If you choose API of the Quick Telecom company, you need to sign up at Quick Telecom. The account information received there will be used to connect API to BILLmanager. Name of the sms sender is registered in the private office at Quick Telecom. You need to provide a sender name, name description, purpose of registration, and authorization code. Once you are done, you may set it by default.

Telesign/Telesign SMS

To use the Telesign API, you need to enter a Customer ID and Authentication ID into the corresponding fields of the integration module.

Register at Telesign , go to the "Integration" or "My Profile" section ->"API Authentication" to get these Ids.


To access SMSTraffic API, you need to register at and add funds to your personal account.

When configuring integration you need to provide the following parameters:

  • Login - enter your login to access SMSTraffic (this login was sent to you in the welcome message).
  • Password - enter your password you provided when registering at SMSTraffic.
  • API URL - enter the URL to access API SMSTraffic, such as https://www.smstraffic.en/multi.php, http://server1.smstraffic.en/multi.php.

You can provide a Sender ID (name or number of a message sender) in your Personal area.

The "Sender" field can be numeric. It must be 15 characters long (for example, it can be a phone number to receive sms. see "" below). Or alphanumeric, in this case it must be 11 characters long (for example, your company's name). The Russian alphabet letters are not allowed. The default value is originator=999.


To access TurboSMS API you need to register at the TurboSMS official web site and activate access to SOAP API. Use the data that you have provided when setting access to API to configure the module. Provide the following parameters to integrate TurboSMS with the billing system:

  • Login - provide the login to access API TurboSMS.
  • Password - provide the password to access API TurboSMS.
  • Sender - provide a sender name that was approved by TurboSMS administrators.

Filtering the phone numbers

This field is displayed for all the modules described above.

  • Phone number filter - enter the phone numbers that will be allowed for use. Leaving the field blank will not set the filter.

You may set a filter following the procedure below or using regular expressions. To use a regular expression, specify "R" as a first symbol, for example R^\+?[78]950[0-9]{6,8}$.

You may use the following characters:

  • Figure - enter the figure that you want to allow;
  •  ? - enter any figure;
  • * - enter a set of figures;
  • [x1-x2] or [x1,x2,x3] - - enter a range of allowed figures in direct order.


  • If you set "7*", the phone numbers starting with 7 will be allowed.
  • If you set "?950*", the phone numbers starting with any digit followed by 950 and any digits will be allowed.
  • If you set "7[2-5]*", the numbers starting with 7 followed by a digit from 2 to 5 and a set of any digit will be allowed.
  • If you set "[2,5,8]*", the phone numbers starting with 2,5 or 8 followed by any digits will be allowed.

Message template

This field is displayed for all the modules described above.

  • Message template - select a message template. The code is specified in the %CODE% parameter or at the end of the message if the parameter is omitted.

Choosing products to be verified

Module«Fraud protection»

Select the Item types that will require a phone number verification before ordering.

Settings for customer

A customer will be required to fill out the following form to have his phone number verified:

Module«Fraud protection»
  • Country - select a country.
  • Phone number - provide your phone number in the following format: area_code.phone_number. Alternatively, you can provide your cell phone number. Note, that a country code is specified automatically according to the country that you have selected in the previous field.
Module«Fraud protection»

Please, carefully read the information and follow the instructions therein:

The system will send an automated call. Follow the auto informer instructions to receive a three-character authentication code. Enter the verification code into the corresponding field. If your phone number is valid, you may continue ordering our services.

  • Phone number - provide your phone number in the following way: +country_code.area_code.phone_number. Cell phone data is provided as follows: +country_code.federal_number. Code of the country that you specified in the registration form is default
  • Code - enter the confirmation code that you have received by the phone.

If you enter a wrong confirmation code for 3 times, you won't be able to proceed:

Module«Fraud protection»
  • Create a phone verification ticket - click the link to submit a trouble ticket to Technical support. Technical support members will verify your phone manually and activate your account (the procedure may vary depending on your hosting provider).

Edit provider properties

To edit the service provider's properties, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete service provider

To delete a service provider, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you wish to delete the service provider by clicking OK on the following form.

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