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Following are the rules to form a username (login):

Locate a username template in the package edit form. If it is not specified, try to locate it in the project edit form; if it is not found, "user@ID@" will be used.

You can use the following macros:

  • @ID@ - product ID.
  • @USERNAME@ - name of a BILLmanager user who is making an order.
  • @DOMAIN@ - domain name that a user specified for the service.

To avoid compatibility problems with hosting control panels, we recommend using only the lower-case Latin alphabet letters.

If @ID@ is not used in a template, usernames won't be unique. So, if a customer orders several services of the same type, the username will be followed by a digit according to the number of services purchased.


We have a "@USERNAME@" template. A user with the username stive orders a hosting service and enters stive to gain access to the server. When he orders the second hosting product, his username will be stive2.

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