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The provider can grant discounts on his products and services. The amount of a discount depends on the order period or the number of items a customer purchases. The discounts can be provided without special conditions. For more information about discounts in BILLmanager, please read System of discounts.

The discount can be given to:

In this module you can create and manage discounts for all the customers of the billing panel.

Module«Global discounts»
Image:T-bullet.gif View a list of global discounts
Image:T-new.png Create new global discount
Image:T-edit.png Edit global discount
Image:T-delete.png Delete global discount

View a list of global discounts

  • ID - discount unique identifier.
  • Name - name of the project which services this discount is applied to.
  • Value - amount of the discount. It can be represented both as monetary discount - it is displayed as a certain amount with corresponding currency, and as percentage discount, i.e. the price is shown in per cent.
  • Validity period - discount will be active within the specified period.
  • Condition - discount is given if one of the provided conditions are met:
    • Blank lien - discount is given without special conditions.
    • Amount of... - discount is given depending on the number of services purchased (this phrase is followed by the certain service or product).
    • Register date... - discount is given depending on the registration date.

Create new global discount

To create a new global discount, click the "New" icon and fill out the following form:

Module « Global discounts»
  • Service - select a service for providing a discount.
  • Item - select an item to provide a discount.
  • Order period - select an order period.
  • Amount - enter the discount amount.
  • Discount - specify amount of discount in percent.
  • Start date - enter a start date of the discount.
  • End date - enter a discount expiration date.
  • Validity period - your discount will be valid during the specified period starting from its creation date.
  • Priority - choose a priority. In case of two equal discounts, the one with higher priority will be applied. More information about discount's priority you can read in the System of discounts.
  • Discount condition - select a condition that must be met for providing the discount:
    • Number of services - discount will be given, if a customer orders a required number of services. For example, if the customer orders 2 items you can grant him with a 5% discount, if he orders 5 items, you will give him a 10% discount and so on.
      • Service - select a discountable item.
      • Comparison - select a required expression (for example, a discount will be given if the customer purchases the number of services equal or greater than a specified value).
      • Amount - enter the number of services.
    • Registration date - discount will be given, if a customer registers within a certain period. For example, you can give a 5% discount to customers who have been using your services for 2 years, and a 7% discount to those you have been using the services for 5 years. Or you can give special discounts for new customers.
      • Comparison - select an expression (for example, a discount will be given, if the customer registers starting from a specified date).
      • Period - enter the number of days that will be considered when providing a discount to your customers.
  • Note - field for additional information. For example, you can specify a promotion code that gives a discount to customers. More information can be found in the Promotion codes module.

Edit global discount

To edit a global discount, locate the one you wish to edit, click the "Edit" icon and modify the settings you want to change.

Delete global discount

To delete a global discount, select it from the list and click the "Delete" icon. Confirm that you want to delete the selected global discount by clicking OK on the following form.

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