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This module can be used to set parameters for traffic collection.

The Statistics collection tab

Module «Control panel settinngs»
  • Switch polling time (in min) - period in minutes at which traffic statistics will be collected from switches.
  • Power switch polling time (in min) - period in minutes at which power consumption statistics will be collected from switches.
  • Period (in min) to process traffic statistics from NetFlow/IPFIX - period in minutes at which the control panel will receive information from NetFlow/IPFIX.
  • Traffic statistics collection policy:
    • Collect statistics from all the switches - all the switches will be pinged;
  • Do not collect statistics from switches - switches will not be pinged (can be useful when using NetFlow/IPFIX)</blockquote>;
  • Collect statistics from the selected equipment only - switches with the "Collect statistics" check box selected will be pinged(can be useful when using NetFlow/IPFIX).

The NetFlow/IPFIX tab

Module «Control panel settinngs»
  • Collect statistics using NetFlow/IPFIX - select the check box to use NetFlow/IPFIX for statistics collection.
  • Path to nfacctd - enter a path to nfacctd.
  • Port - enter the UPD port.
  • Save statistics into - enter a directory to save the temporary files with data collected by nfacctd.

TFTP server

Module «Control panel settinngs»
  • TFTP root directory - enter the directory.
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