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This module can be used to monitor information about the load on HTTP nodes. You can view the information over the last 90 days.

The module is read-only.

Module«Load statistics»
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View HTTP nodes

  • IP-address - IP address of the node.
  • Active connections - the number of connections that are currently being processed.
  • Processed connections - the number of processed connections.
  • Status - current node status (it can be on or off, if the node is marked as "down").
  • Processed requests - the number of processed requests.
  • Errors - number of errors that occurred while processing the requests.
  • Current requests - the number of current requests to the server. This parameter can be specified in the oProxy configuration file. Statistics is specified in the oproxy-traf.log file once in several minutes.
  • Current errors - the number of current errors. They are counted in the same manner as for "Current requests".
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