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A Home page is the main page of your customer's billing panel and is the page your customers come first upon logged in (you may change the start page into another one, if desired). The home page serves as a point to all other modules of BILLmanager.

This page has some sort of table of contents giving information about the main modules of the billing system.

To get to the Home page, click the icon Image:m-dashboard.png at the top of the toolbar or click the Home link below the main billing logo.

See also the article Home page XML to learn more about description of the billing home page.

Module«Home page»


A Taskbar include icons and links to commonly-used modules of the billing system. It allows you to perform the following operations:

  • Order a service - clicking the link will redirect you to a service order form. Depending on the service selected, the fields may vary. A complete list of services that you may order via BILLmanager and their detailed description can be found in the "Services" section.
  • Credit account - link to the Payments module, where you can add funds to your personal account. Moreover, you can view a complete list of payments including their current statuses, and pay invoices, if necessary.
  • Submit trouble ticket - redirects you to the Active tickets module where you can create a new trouble ticket to the technical support or post a new message to existing tickets.
  • Control panel settings - link to the billing properties edit form. You can choose a desired language for your interface, set a time zone, theme, provide an email address for notifications, and configure other parameters you may need when working in BILLmanager.
  • Read Documentation - link to the comprehensive Documentation to learn more about how to run the billing system.

Account information

The table contains information about your personal accounts: the name of the account (you may have several personal accounts), current balance and currency.

You may add funds to your account by clicking the "Pay" link. (You will be redirected to the Payments module)

Active tickets

The table contains a list of trouble tickets submitted to the Technical support center. You can view the name of the ticket, its current status and other information related to your tickets.

Clicking the "Edit" icon will redirect you to the ticket edit form where you can view the history of the ticket and post a new message to technical members.

Service list

Here you can see a list of all the services that you have ordered via the billing panel. It includes a package name, order period and its cost.

Once clicked the "Renew" icon you will be prompted to provide all required information to renew the service.

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