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Using the ISPmanager control panel you can back up data and restore them, if necessary. This functionality is available both for administrators and users.


The Backup plan management module is used to set parameters to create backup copies, while the Backup archives module cam be used to view and restore the backup copies that have been previously created.

Creating a backup copy

To back up data located on the web-site (server), go to the "Maintenance" section -> Backup plan management and click the "Crete" icon Image:T-new.png.

Module «Backups»

In the form that will appear you will need to choose a storage to save your archives: either a local directory or a remote FTP server.

  • If you choose local directory, remember that the backup copies will occupy your disk space and if the user account is removed from the control panel, its backup copies will be removed as well.
  • If you choose Remote FTP server your archives will be stored on a different server and if the user is removed, you will be able to restore its backup copies.

Then you should select a format to store the archives, period and time (for example, the backup copies will be created every day in the specified time), and other parameters.

You can also select the check box "Client can delete backups" so that your users will be able to delete archives themselves. If this check box is not selected, an attempt to delete the backup copy will be followed by the corresponding error message.

Once you have clicked OK you will be prompted to select files you want to back up. These can be system files, user data, MySQL databases and control panel settings. Otherwise, you can select these data in the View the backup content module.

Please note, that the backup process won't start unless you select any data.

Once you have set up all the parameters, click the "Backup" icon Image:T-start.png to execute the newly created backup plan (this process may take a long time). Otherwise this plan will be executed according to the period selected (for example, selecting a daily backup will create a backup copy the next day).

Backing up user files

Beside the scheme described above you may use the function to create backup archives for a certain user.

Go to the Account Management section -> User management module, select the user account and click the "Backup" icon Image:T-toarchive.png. In the form that will appear provide a directory to create user's backup archives.

Restoring a backup copy

All other operations with backup copies are performed in the Backup archives module. If you are logged in as administrator, this module will contain all the backup copies that were created in the control panel, while the user login level allows to view and manage only user archives.

Go to the Backup archives module and select the backup copy you want to restore. This can be either the whole archive or a single file or directory.

To restore the whole account, select the copy you need and click the "Restore" icon Image:T-fromarchive.png.

To restore a directory, select it from the list and click the "Data" icon Image:T-editlist.png. Then you should select a required directory in the archive and click the "Restore" icon Image:T-fromarchive.png.

Module «Backups»

Using the same procedure you can restore a certain file. To do so, in the directory select a file you want to restore.

Модуль «Backups»


In case of errors, the following error messages may appear:

Carefully read the information on how you could resolve those issues.

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