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The control panel settings are located in the /usr/local/ispmgr/etc/ipmgr.conf configuration file. This article describes parameters and options that can be found in the IPmanager configuration file. That lines that begin with // (double slash), or begin with /* and end with */ are ignored by the control panel and can be used as comment lines.

General parameters

DefaultLang - default control panel language that will be used, if IPmanager did not define it from the browser settings.

DefaultTheme - default control panel theme. The following themes are available: sirius, mobile (default).

LogLevel - IPmanager logging level (/usr/local/ispmgr/var/ipmgr.log). The following logging levels are currently available:

  • 0 - notes.
  • 1 - fatal errors.
  • 2 - not used.
  • 3 - errors.
  • 4 - warnings.
  • 5 - information.
  • 6 - extended information.
  • 7 - not used.
  • 8 - debug information that is used only by developers.
  • 9 - trace information that is used only by developers.

ViewName - if your reverse zones are specified in a view of the named.conf configuration file, you can specify its name here.

FreeName - you can provide a domain name that will correspond to all the IP-addresses for which PTR records are not specified.

ApacheUid and ApacheGid allow to provide the UID and GID the web-server uses (these parameters are required to create directories with corresponding privileges).


Options are additional parameters of the IPmanager configuration file.

Option option_name

The following options are currently supported:

  • CheckIpByPing - check IP-address availability using the ping utility.
  • DisableAutoUpdate - disable the control panel auto update.

If you want to activate several options in the configuration file, you need to add a separate Option directive for each option.


A path defines location of a file in the system.

path internal_name full_path

The following internal names are currently supported:

  • apachectl - location of the program to start/restart/stop the Apache web-server.
  • DefaultHomeDir - directory where user home directories are located.
  • httpd.conf - location of the Apache configuration file.
  • httpd - location of the Apache executable file.
  • iptables - location of the iptables file.
  • ndc - location of the DNS server management program.
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