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This module can be used to customize IPmanager parameters, such as "Unassigned domain name" and "DNS name space". To do that, click "IPmanager parameters" on the control panel and fill out the form:

Moule «Ipmanager parameters»
  • Unassigned domain name - enter a domain name that will be resolved to all free IP-addresses, which do not have Reverse DNS records specified, such as free.mydomain.com. Each domain name must be followed by the dot.
  • DNS name space - if your reverse zones are specified in the names space (view) of the named.conf configuration file, you need to enter its name here. Leaving the field blank will allow IPmanager to reload the reverse zone after modifying its content.
  • Check IP address availability using ping - select the check box to check availability of IP address by using the Ping utility.
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