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This module can be used for importing domain names from another registrar into the billing panel. You may choose a domain to import, view the list of the domains registered by the selected registrar, owners of these domain names, their expiration date and current status. With this function you can synchronize domain information.

More information about particular cases of a domain import read the article Importing domains from registrar.

Module «Registrars»
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image:T-bullet.gif View a list of registrar's domains
image:T-download.png Import domain
image:T-filter.png Filter the list
image:T-aid.png Synchronize data
image:T-editlist.png View domain properties
image:T-group.png Import domain to customer

View a list of registrar's domains

  • Domain name - domain name that you wish to import.
  • Account - owner of the domain name.
  • Registration expiration date - date when the domain name registration will expire.
  • Domain status - current status of the domain (Delegated (Active), Registered (Not delegated), Registration in progress, Transfer in progress, Renewal in progress, Active (registration is expiring), No information, Not paid).
  • Properties - status of the domain name in the panel:
image:p-on.png - the selected domain name can be located on the list of the customer's domain names.
image:p-off.png - the selected domain name cannot is not listed in the customer's domain names.

Import domain

To import a domain from the registrar, select it from the list and click the "Import" icon. The following form will be displayed:

Module «Registrars»
  • Domain names - provide domain names you want to import space separated. Example: Leaving the field blank will import all the domains.

A little later the domains will be listed allowing you to choose one you wish to import to BILLmanager.

Filter the list

The imported domain list filter is intended for searching the information about domains by specific parameters. To initiate searching, click the "Filter" icon and fill out the form fields. It is not obligatory to fill out all the fields. The search can be carried out by the account, name, expiry date, status and presence in the system.

Once the filter is set, on the control panel You can see the field with filter parameters and the "Remove filter" icon. Click it to cancel the filter.

Synchronize data

If the domain you want to import is present in the system, but has significant differences, you may use this function. To synchronize the billing data with that of a registrar. Click the "Synchronize" icon to apply the changes.

View domain properties

To view the domain's properties, select it from the list and click the "View" icon. You will see a table with domain information from the selected registrar, such as domain name, NS1, NS2, NS3, expiration date, status, company name, contact e-mail, phone number, fax, date of birth, VAT number and country.

The user provides all the information listed above when registering a domain name.

Import domain to customer

If you wish to import the domain to your customer, select the domain from the list, click the "Import" icon and fill out the form:

Module «Registrars»
  • Provide a package for each top-level domain com (depending on the top-level domain, the field may vary - .edu, .org, etc.) - select a domain package. You may set up the required package in the corresponding module.
  • Account - select a customer who the domain will be imported to. If there are too many customers, you may select Show complete list to view all your customer accounts.
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