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For more information about the interface and icons read the article Import domains.

The following article describes particular cases of domain importing. The domains you want to import must be present on the list

а) There is no a domain in the system. The icon image:p-off.png must be displayed in the Properties raw. You need to select this domain and click the Import icon image:t-download.png. Note! If the domain owner has several domains, they will be imported as well. A new form will appear in which you need to provide packages for domain zones. If the package is not configured for a domain zone, you won't be able to import the domain. The list of customers shows 100 accounts. If you cannot to locate one you need, select "Show complete list" to see all the customers. After you have bound the domain to the customer, the domain will be removed from the current list and you can locate it in the customer's module.

b) The domain is present in the system. The icon image:p-on.png must be displayed in the Properties raw. You cannot import the domain.

c) The domain is present in the system, but has significant differences. In such a case you may synchronize the billing data with that of a registrar. Click the Synchronize icon image:t-aid.png to apply the changes.

Additional information

The WebNames module does not support name servers import. I.e. once importing a domain name from WebNames, the name server fields will be empty. '

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